A few weeks ago, we warned you that a criminal was on the loose, and that he might be a cartoon. Well, the jokes on us: police caught the guy, and he turned out to be a real human! With lips and everything!

The Paris, Texas news website eParisExtra.com reports that police gathered warrants on Wednesday to arrest Glenn Edwin Rundles in connection with the January 16 robbery that led to our favorite police sketch of all time. Rundles had actually already been arrested on several unrelated charges, after he stole clothes from his neighbor and led police on a foot chase.

And there's no need to fire that sketch artist just yet. Even though the cops found Rundles for a totally unrelated reason, the Cabbage Patch-like illustration actually resulted in at least one substantive lead. Reports eParisExtra:

After a suspect description and a police sketch went out to local media outlets and other law enforcement agencies, a Paris PD patrolman called the sheriff's department on January 19 with information concerning some recent criminal offenses in the Paris area that he thought fit the description of the person sought in the robbery case, the sheriff said.

We hope that amazing sketch artist got a raise.