Authorities are warning motorists that a man who shot and killed another driver near the Maryland-Pennsylvania border in a fit of road rage is still at large and may strike again.

The FBI is currently investigating the murder of 28-year-old Timothy Davison, who was driving down Pennsylvania's Interstate 81 in Franklin County around 2 am on Saturday when a man in a dark Ford Ranger style vehicle began trying to run him off the road.

Davison called 911 and told the operator the man was shooting at him. According to reports, the man then rammed Davison's car into a center divider, got out of his own car, and shot Davison multiple times.

Police believe Davison, who was driving home to Maine after visiting family in Florida, was randomly targeted.

A similar attack was reported in York County, Pennsylvania seven hours before. A man reported that the driver of a dark pickup truck pulled up beside him and began shooting at him but missed. Police are investigating if the two are connected.

[image via Google Maps]