Police are looking for have arrested a man who allegedly sucked a woman's toes in a North Carolina Walmart. He persuaded her to take off her shoes by telling her he was a podiatry student.

Michael A. Brown reportedly had a woman try on several pairs of shoes at the Lincolnton Walmart store Monday and, "at some point during the process," he stuck her foot in his mouth.

Detectives say Brown tried the same thing at a different Walmart, 15 miles away, earlier that day. He didn't manage to suck any toes there, though, because his cover story was significantly worse: He told a woman he was "conducting a survey on the feet of different races and nationalities."

She took off her shoes, but backed out when he wanted her to take off her socks.

Brown is a registered sex offender who was convicted of attempted sexual assault in 2001, according to Charlotte, N.C.'s WSOC.

[H/T: NYT, Photo Credit: Shutterstock]