SNL alums Jason Sudeikis, Bill Hader and Maya Rudolph, along with Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage, will lead the voice cast of Angry Birds, an animated tie-in movie based on a mobile phone game people liked in 2012. By the time the film comes out in 2016, they'll be the only ones still playing Angry Birds. (And some of them are playing green pigs instead.)

The Angry Birds game world is filled with complex characters that should present a challenge for the cast's considerable comedic talents, such as: Red bird, pointy yellow bird, green pig, other green pig. It's obvious why they were so attracted to the project.

But there's not as much money in Angry Birds as there used to be. The franchise has basically described the same arc as its titular heroes: Rising rapidly, then falling just as quickly and crashing into a pile of rubble. Game-maker Rovio announced its net profits for 2013 were down 52% from 2o12, and wrote it off as "a foundation-building year."

The company's CEO resigned months later, exiting with none of Angry Birds' many sequels even making a dent on the iPhone sales charts.

But sure, this seems like a great property on which to base a major motion picture with a fantastic (and probably expensive) cast. Visionary thinking, Sony Pictures!

As Sam Biddle warned on Valleywag earlier this year after the rise and fall of Candy Crush and Clash of Clans, "we should start reconsidering whether a single successful iPhone game is enough reason to build an entire bloated, hyped corporation."

Or a Hollywood film.

On the other hand, Rovio's chief marketing officer just made the HUGE REVEAL that "not just one, but all of our characters have legs and wings! Except for the pigs, that is."

Legs?!! Why didn't you say so? I will take 1,000 tickets to the midnight release, please.

[h/t Hollywood Reporter, Photos: Getty Images, Rovio/Sony Pictures]