A 60-year-old Maryland woman inadvertently funded the greatest joy of all — PUPPIES — when she left her wallet behind in her car while she was attending church services.

The thieves, a man-and-woman team, apparently struck in August, breaking into the woman's car, which had been parked in a church parking lot, and stealing her purse.

Within two hours, the thieving duo had doctored the victim's driver's license and started their shopping spree.

But little did the thieving couple know, they too had been robbed — an $1,100 three-month-old Yorkshire Terrier (pictured above) was about to steal their hearts.

Video surveillance apparently shows employees of the pet store helping the suspects to view the puppies and make their eventual selection, a one-and-a-half-pound Yorkie.

Then the couple apparently headed to Nordstrom, where video surveillance shows the man holding the puppy while the woman shopped, charging $4,100 in all to the church-goer's credit cards. Police are still looking for leads.

[image via Montgomery County Police]