Two 8-year-olds and a 9-year-old were busted for smoking marijuana in an elementary school boys' room last week.

Superintendent Leigh Shampain of California's Summerville School District confirmed the incident, but hasn't commented on how the boys will be punished. The kids were questioned by police on the day of the incident after a classmate totally narced them out, and the County Probation Department is now involved in the case.

Other students told local reporters they haven't seen the kids at school since that day. California's educational code says students can be suspended or expelled for smoking marijuana on campus.

Sonora, California police chief Mark Stinson told Reuters the kids had a pipe and "a very small amount" of marijuana that came from "several sources."

Stinson said the third-graders seemed to have very little smoking experience, and it didn't appear they had managed to get high before they were confronted in the bathroom.

[H/T: CBS SF, Photo Credit: JJ Studio/Shutterstock]