Beyoncé's Public Tour of Incomparable Greatness and Alarming Indignities continued on Sunday night, as the singer was briefly yanked into the crowd by an overenthusiastic (or perhaps exactly the right amount of enthusiastic) fan during a stop in Sao Paulo.

The incident marked the second occasion on her Mrs. Carter Show world tour that a fan had to be forcibly separated from Beyoncé. Back in May, an audience member slapped her ass in the middle of a song.

Two security guards immediately swooped after Sunday's incident to help Beyoncé to her feet and, one would assume, rip the arms of the offending fan off his shoulders. Video of the performance shows Beyoncé commanding them to ease up.

“Hey, hey, hey! It’s alright…He just got excited."

She even shakes his hand, for whatever reason.

Like so many things that were terrifying for Beyoncé to experience, the moment provided a hysterical gif. Here is a slightly smaller, faster version: