When you find yourself atop a high dive this summer, racing toward the edge and staring into the lukewarm, chlorinated water below, remember: now is not the time for second-guessing.

In a video posted to YouTube this month and spotted by The Daily Mail, an unnamed woman approaches the edge of the high dive at Idaho's Lava Hot Springs water park. She looks tentative from the get-go, and when it comes time to make the leap, she hesitates, turning around and grabbing a safety rail. But by then it's too late.

Momentum carries the diver over the edge, and she loses her grip on the railing, toppling downwards. Seconds later, she's reminded of a universal truth: below every high dive is a slightly lower dive. Her feet catch the second platform on the way down, and she's sent into a flip for the final portion of her descent.

Miraculously, the Mail reports, the swimmer made it out with only a "slightly injured finger." At the end of the clip, she emerges from the water as if that were all intentional — wow, great form on that gainer, Susie! — and swims away.