That is to say, it was cause your blown mind to leak through your tear ducts.

Gamer Reckful recently took a short break from streaming World of Warcraft arena play to illustrate to viewers what one billion dollars looks like.

Using Windows Notepad, he compared the amount of money he and his crew can hope to make in a given year — about $100,000 in donations — with the amount of money his top donor, Dubai-based philanthropist Amhai Sharib, has, which is around $1 billion.

One Redditor took the illustration a step further, and, employing the same method Reckful used to compare the two sums, laid out the size of the US National Debt.

"I substituted $100,000 with $1,000,000,000," writes Clearly_Unimpressed, "so each billion is equal to that whole page of $100,000s he made."

As Redditor KoNy_BoLoGnA said in response: "Holy shit."

[H/T: Daily of the Day]