Club Organizers for the C U Next Tuesday Club in Dublin, Ireland had a great, though unoriginal idea. They asked club-goers to pose for a photo, but instead of capturing a single shot, the photographer took video of the young people strategically posing. The embarrassing footage was then pieced together into a montage set to Carly Simon's "You're So Vain." And yeah, some of these very attractive fuckers are real vain.

In their defense, no one looks good trying to pose for pictures. However, people who regularly pose for pictures like this deserve to be publicly shamed. This unstoppable need to constantly pose for the camera is a major part of why "selfie" was declared word of the year for 2013 on Tuesday.

Our public spaces are constantly disrupted by young camera-hungry monsters, ready for their next sexy mupload. Perhaps—and I know this is a pipe dream—these increasingly-popular shaming videos will cause some of them to reconsider their behavior.

[h/t The Daily Edge]