There's never enough time or space to give him his due. Here's all he's been up to:

Florida Man Wants a Few Good Men to Admire His KKK Flag

Florida Man Takes Down KKK Flag After His Wife Makes Him

Florida Man Caught Having Sex With Pit Bull in Yard By Horrified Neighbors

Florida Man With Spider Face Tattoo Is Wanted By Cops For Attack, Again

Florida Man Cleans Gun, Shoots Girl in Street, Then Self

Florida Man Poses as Sick Friend's Brother, Takes Him Off Life Support

Florida Man Stopped For DUI, Says He Was Trying to "Drive It Off"

Florida Man Allegedly Burns Police Dog's Nose With Cigarette, Twice

Florida Man In Hot Water For Polygraphing His Entire Sex-Shop Staff

Florida Man Wanted For Peeing on Gators Fans


Florida Woman Gets 10 Years For $17 Million Fortunetelling Fraud

Florida Cops Trace Your Location Through Cellphones

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