The highlight of this week's hate mail is a defense of Ryan Lochte, claiming that he is both funny and not a "douchbag" (sic). And we received more of my favorite category of Gawker correspondence—in which readers continue to think we are some sort of fashionable restaurant.

Also there were some changes this week, and some of you noticed, and some of you wrote in with your concerns. But mostly you declared you were breaking up with us for good. In the interest of keeping your Kinja opinions interesting, I selected key lines for each letter and posted after our other correspondence this week.

SUBJECT: Ryan Lochte is not a douchbag

Dear Rich Juswiak

I am commenting on you post about Ryan Lochte he is funny to me and calling him a "douchbag" insults me you obviously have not ever swam competitively because he is amazing at it and I respect him because I know how hard it is to swim because I am a swimmer myself swimming IS the most intensive sport in my opinion and you should have something other to do than call Olympic athletes that have fun "douchbags".

Gawker: The Restaurant.

SUBJECT: Restaurant res

As I understand it, you have access to the 'in' hot places to dine 'n' party in NYC. I'll be there next weekend and kindly appreciate a reservation at 7pm Saturday night at whichever hot spot you can get me in to. Nothing too expensive please.

PS. Also, nothing too 'gay'

SUBJECT: Restaurant question

I'm offering to design your restaurant its own mobile app. You may want to remind customers Mothers day/Fathers day/Easter/Valentines/etc is coming up and they should book in early. Instantly, message delivered to thousands of peoples phones and they don’t even have to be using the app to receive the message – it’s just like getting a text message. Maybe it's a two for one offer, half price on selected meals, discounts on stock - whatever you can think of, even letting customers know you have free spaces after getting cancellations - your customers receive it no matter what (forget the old way of advertising in papers!)

And finally, one line for everyone that wrote in with feeling about Kinja.

  • Can I ask why this new format is so great?
  • I admit I am "internet challenged: at 56, but I have a good understanding at how things work. Thanks for ruining my experience just to what??? make it "cooler"
  • All of sudden I feel like I'm reading the Huffington Post. This new site design is a chunky mess that makes me feel as if I'm walking through quick sand while be advertised to.
  • I literally go to the site less. It defies logic. Stay current. In full support.
  • nothing about it is intuitive to me, i can't find anything, i can't navigate it well, and i'm stressed.
  • Please end this cruel joke now. It looks remedial and is annoying. Send any tips my way if you can help me around this issue.
  • RIP 4/22/13 This day will forever be known as the day gawker took itself outback and shot itself. Your new design blowwwwsssss!

That's all, readers. Have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy yourselves!

[image via Yuri Arcurs / Shutterstock]