How much are the kids on Reddit making in a year? A wide range, yeah, but generally: way more than you expect and certainly more than you did at their age and in many cases more than you are right now.

At least, the ones in New York City. A thread on the social link-sharing site's New York subsection asks a pretty simple question: "NYC residents: what do you do and what is your salary?"

The first poster, who works "in Telecom Expense Management" at a $40,000 salary, ends up being toward the low end; judging by the thread most New York Redditors work in IT or software development and make a lot more than that. (The second-largest group of contributors to the thread, after people working with computers, is people going "I need a raise.")

And if the ones who share their ages are any indication, they're young, too—lots of people "just out of school" or in their 20s.

Here are the rest, arranged by "upvotes." Share yours in the comments, if you want to make people jealous/sympathetic:

FDNY EMT$31,000
Web Developer$110,000 - $115,000
IT Consultant$120,000
Freelance cinematographer"[S]ometimes I make $5k/mo, sometimes I make $500/mo"
Apple Store Genius ("early 20's")$48,000
"Staffer in the video department of a newspaper "$40,000 ("+ benefits")
Graduate Student (sciences)"$32,000 a year stipend and some income from private tutoring on the side"
"Account guy at ad agency"$75,000 "plus quarterly commission"
Steam Fitter ("installing fire sprinkler systems")"between $50-$75/hour which comes to roughly 100-150k/year. With overtime it can easily exceed 200k "
"Part time tech"$40,000 ("+ benefits. Work 6 days a month")
Grant Writer$35,000
Mechanical Engineer$72,000 ("not including bonus")
"Media Relations/PR"$40,000
Bone Marrow Technologist$65,000
Administrative Assistant ("with a slightly fancier title")$34,000
"I own a 3 businesses, and 4 apartment buildings" [sic]"averaged out over the last 3 years I made approx 426k a year"
"IT consultant (applications analyst) at a major investment bank" ("I'm 24 years old")$55,000
Medical Resident$50,000
Mobile App Developer ("not freelance")$150,000
"IT Systems tech person at a University"$38,000
"Film Electric"$85,000 ("union health insurance included and pension")
Market Researcher$74,000
Graphic Artist ("for a fashion company")$40,000 ("+ bonus")
Market Researcher ("in the B2B technology world")"74k + 6k on target bonus and 250 shares restricted stock per year. So about 82k per year gross income."
Public School Teacher$62,000
"Cargo handler for an airline"$44,000 ("Full benefits including fligth benefits.")
"Manage a small contemporary fashion showroom""around 50k + commission and bonus"
Consultant"not salaried, but ~$85,000 + bonuses"
"E-commerce analyst"$50,000 ("+ or - 10k")
Web Analyst$63,000
Senior Systems and Storage Administrator ("I provide IT support on site for a gov't agency")$98,000
Mobile App Engineer"110k to 120k +10% perf bonus"
"I run a gym full-time and teach yoga on the side"$50,000
Mortgage Bond Trader$200,000 ("+ bonus")
"uneducated labor"$45,000
Lawyer$160,000 ("+ bonus")
Media Buyer$70,000
Assistant Costume Designer ("TV/film")$110,000 ("ish with about 3 months off, could have made more if I worked straight through")
"Quant Trading Desk(finance) - unique role of working on the desk, also do some writing/editing, keep my boss's calendar, and do a little bit of HTML etc"$42,000 ("+ benefits and potential yearly bonus")