Seeking a job? Who better to turn to for advice than mustachioed simpleton Thomas Friedman, reliable font of platitudinous excreta? Why, Thomas Friedman knows just who to talk to about this...

One of the best ways to understand the changing labor market is to talk to the co-founders of HireArt ( Eleonora Sharef, 27, a veteran of McKinsey; and Nick Sedlet, 28, a math whiz who left Goldman Sachs...

The way HireArt works, explained Sharef (who was my daughter’s college roommate)

Thomas Friedman's insights on the issue of the changing American job market can be summarized as follows: "I'll ask my daughter's college roommate." Here is an actual and accurate summary of the remainder of Friedman's column: "said Sharef, adding... said Sharef... Added Sharef... So what does she advise? Sharef pointed to... said Sharef..." [Where you see ellipses, there are quotes or summaries of quotes from Sharef.]

Thomas Friedman is not just some lazy hack who only quotes cab drivers. He's a lazy hack who also quotes his daughter's college roommate.


[NYT. Photo: AP]