Awww. Pop's hottest, most convincingly eternal couple, John Mayer and Katy Perry, stopped by Good Morning America to premiere their "Who You Love" video and, in the process, awkwardly suffered through their first-ever shared interview. They discussed their seating configuration woes ("We don't quite know what kind of body language we're supposed to be exhibiting at the moment—you get too close and it's too touchy-feely, you sit too far away they say, 'I don't see chemistry,'" lamented Mayer) and first date (they had dinner, reported Perry, adding fascinatingly, "We share music as a love together, you know, that's like a common interest so..."). And then Mayer talked about his adverse reaction to watching Perry in the studio:

I come in the studio and she plays stuff and I go [hand over mouth, eyes of nausea]. And then I'll hear a melody, 'cause she'll be writing something, I'll hear a melody and I'll be like, 'Don't...don't...' She, she was fucking...And I'll go, 'Come 'ere, come 'ere, come 'ere, I sang this into my iPhone while you were in there, just check it out.' 'Oh, I'll do that!' I'm like, 'Good, good, good.'

He's already trying to change her, or at least her pop.

Full interview and video (so you can check them out in their natural, prefab-chemistry environment) are below.