Later today, White House officials will be meeting with tech industry experts to brainstorm ways to counter ISIS’s wildly successful online recruiting tactics. Tim Cook will also be there.

The second best Apple CEO of the last 20 years will be joined by yet-unnamed representatives from Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft, and Google as well as as White House CTO Megan Smith and FBI Director James Comey. According to a copy of the agenda obtained by The Guardian, the meeting will be focusing heavily on social media, which includes the following “core discussion areas”:

a. How can we make it harder for terrorists to leveraging [sic] the internet to recruit, radicalize, and mobilize followers to violence?

b. How can we help others to create, publish, and amplify alternative content that would undercut ISIL?

The next section—“IV. Questions or other issues raised by Technology Companies”—is left blank, though it will presumably include questions such as:

a. Tim, how do we stop ISIS?

b. Tim, how do you think Steve would have stopped ISIS?

c. Tim, I don’t think that’s how Steve would have stopped ISIS.

And finally:

d. Tim, I wish Steve were here.

An earlier report by Reuters noted that “most companies are expected to send high-ranking executives, but not their chief executive officers.” Which makes sense, since Steve Jobs was unavailable.

[h/t Buzzfeed]

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