In addition to all of the fun "food stamps" and free nights in jail, here is another thing to look forward to as a reward for being poor: having your limbs amputated.

I for one am sick and tired of shiftless poor people getting everything for free, such as unnecessary amputations. But what can you do? A rather disturbing new study by UCLA researchers found that diabetic adults in poor zip codes in Los Angeles had rates of amputation that were seven times higher than diabetic adults in rich zip codes. The LA Times reports that the disparities in amputation are probably due to "difficulties patients in those neighborhoods had in getting access to primary care, and hurdles they faced in understanding how to manage their condition." It would appear so, yes!

The cost of being poor: your foot. (Also the cost of high fructose corn syrup. If you have to shop at a bodega just eat nuts and eggs and shit like that!)

Also today in "Depressing news about poor people in Los Angeles": there is a huge increase in the percentage of old women in the skid row homeless population.

Sorry, grandma. We had to take the foot. Then we had to put you on the street. There's only your years of delicious pies to blame.

[Photo: AP]