A Kansas women raced topless across a Kohl's department store in Lenexa in an effort to apprehend a man she caught peeping on her in the dressing room.

While trying on bras in the store's dressing room, Jeanne Ouellette spotted a man — later identified as by authorities as Jeremy Bradley — videotaping her with his cellphone through a gap in the wall.

Without hesitation, Ouellette took off after the man, despite having nothing to cover her exposed top except her hands.

"I followed him. I shouted, 'Stop! Help me!' I just screamed and chased him topless through the store," Ouellette told KCTV5. "I know I shouldn't be chasing someone ... I was just enraged. I was at a store in a very private place, and I was enraged and I wanted to get the phone."

Ouellette only stopped when she reached the front doors — "common sense took over and said,'You shouldn't go outside half naked'" — but by then she had already caused enough of a commotion that other shoppers gladly carried on the chase until the suspect was finally brought down three blocks away.

Bradley was booked on a charge of misdemeanor breach of privacy. A conviction would mean up to a year in jail and a fine of up to $2,500.

[screengrab via KCTV5]