When subscribers of Arizona Highways—Arizona’s “award-winning” travel magazine—receive their October 2013 issue, they’ll be able to turn to page 13 and read all about the edible fly agaric mushroom. The only problem is that the fly agaric mushroom, when consumed raw, has “unpredictable psychotropic and physical effects.” Yet there is no mention of these potential side effects in the “nature factoid” section on the mushroom.

The issue has already been mailed to subscribers, though the magazine’s publishers have since notified all 123,000 recipients that the really cool edible mushroom on page 13 is to be avoided in the raw form. They also announced that the October issue of Arizona Highways will not be sold on newsstands. “We regret the error,” said Win Holden, publisher of Arizona Highways magazine.

[Image via Shutterstock]