A proper rite of passage when traveling through America's lavish airport system is pushing a hot, thick Cinnabon in your craw as you "run" pathetically to catch your flight. At times of desperation, like when the Burger King is out of BK Chicken Fries™ and an unripe banana™ simply won't do, Cinnabon is a jetsetter's best friend.

As it turns out, we're all part of the same monstrous family of gorgers because from Wednesday to Sunday evening, Cinnabon expects that travelers in American airports will consume up to one million Cinnabon cinnamon rolls with absolutely no remorse. On average, that's 8,300 cinnamon rolls an hour.

Via Businessweek:

Cinnabon starts planning for the holidays in September, organizing regional "Jollybon meetings" to prepare the workforce for the impending rush. This means staffing up and training—the busiest locations may see the number of workers double during the holidays—and ordering more ingredients.

Take note that a single Cinnabon Classic cinnamon roll has 880 calories, but if you take one walk to the bathroom every half-hour that your flight is delayed, you can burn off all those cinnamon dough juices by next Thanksgiving.

[Image via Wikipedia]