It looks like the wacky men and women of airport law enforcement are up to their old hijinks again. After a routine training exercise, the people whose sole job it is to keep you safe at the airport apparently forgot to pick up one of their live explosives—until workers stumbled upon the dynamite four days later.

The stick of live explosive containing “a certain amount of TNT” (and which officials are preferring to call “a training aid”) was part of one of the near-daily training sessions TSA officers engage in to stay sharp. Though not so sharp that they remember to return all the explosives they’ve checked out from the TSA storage container, apparently.

The dynamite had been left in a compartment on the “Spirit of Seventy Six” plane, an old plane in the museum part of the airport, which the LA Daily News notes is “run by volunteers and hosts school groups and other visitors.”

TSA! Police! What shenanigans will they get into next.

Image via AP.

Correction: This post has been updated to reflect that police, not TSA, were performing the training exercise with explosives provided by TSA.

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