Police in Istanbul returned to the city's Taksim Square this evening, continuing another day of clashes with protesters who have been occupying the public space for nearly two weeks.

Earlier today cops fired tear gas and water cannons in an attempt to clear the anti-government group from the square. Chaos ensued, with protesters scrambling and attempting to protect themselves with flimsy makeshift barricades. Reuters reports that some of the protesters responded by throwing Molotov cocktails.

The earlier skirmish eventually died down, but this evening tensions flared again when police returned with more of the same. A Vine clip shows the area around Taksim dotted with flashing red and blue lights as protesters mill about.

Tim Pool, a journalist tweeting from Taksim, reports that protesters have been throwing fireworks at police officers, not to mention the tear gas canisters cops threw at them in the first place.

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan has dismissed the Taksim Square protesters as "looters." "They are low enough to insult the prime minister of this country," he told some of his supporters in a speech on Sunday, adding that he doesn't think his opponents can defeat his AKP party in elections next year.

[Image via Twitter]