One of the two 12-year-old girls accused of stabbing another girl 19 times to please the mythological creature Slender Man has been found mentally incompetent. Both suspects appeared in court today, "wearing shackles and blue jail jumpsuits as their parents looked on somberly," according to NBC News.

The judge has ordered more testing and a hearing following the disclosure. NBC News reports that "neither girl made eye contact with relatives sitting in the spectator seats" during today's hearing.

The stabbing occurred on May 31st in Wisconsin, and the victim has since been released from the hospital. When the girls were first questioned about the incident, one of them told a detective they learned about Slender Man on the Creepy Pasta Wiki and that they were trying to please Slender Man with the attack. They each face 60 years in jail if they're found guilty.

Since the attack, a different 13-year-old girl allegedly attacked her mother with a kitchen knife because she was influenced by Slender Man. She is facing charges as a juvenile.

[Image via WLWT]