DRESSED TO STEAL: Teen robber girls take “selfie” before armed robbery

After police arrested a pair of teenaged girls for armed robbery, "selfie" photos of the teens dressed up for a night of mayhem were discovered on the girls' cellphones. "Give me the money, otherwise I'll stab you," one of the teen terrors told a frightened worker at a hamburger stand.

Two Teen Girls Take ‘Pre-Robbery Selfie’ with Masks and Knife

A pair of teenage girls who were arrested on suspicion of robbery in late March could have possibly talked their way out of it — had they not snapped a selfie of themselves dressed as robbers and holding a knife just before allegedly committing the crime.

The unidentified teens were accused of having robbed a burger joint in Halmstad, Sweden, with a large kitchen knife, and making off with just under $400.

The local K-9 unit was able to track down the girls to their grandparents' apartment, where a knife and a pair of balaclavas were found.


Upon confiscating the girls' cellphones, officers found photos of the suspects wearing balaclavas and holding a knife matching the description of the one used in the robbery.

Only one of girls, a 17-year-old, is old enough to be tried. Her court date has been set for August 2nd.


[photo via Aftonbladet]

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