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Two women with an apparent death wish narrowly escaped an oncoming train crossing a bridge over Lake Lemon in Indiana earlier this month. The bridge too high up to jump from, the women had no choice but to lie down between the tracks. They survived, the Fox affiliate in Indianapolis reports, with just nine inches separating them from the train.

"The consequences of trespassing on railroad-owned property are never taken seriously by those choosing to do so, and this incident at Lake Lemon is one of the most glaring examples I've seen in more than 40 years in this business," Tom Hoback of the Indiana Railroad Company told the Fox affiliate.

The train's engineer assumed both women had been killed after running them over. They were all lucky, because apparently it could have been a lot worse.

"In this case, not only did two trespassers narrowly escape a horrible death, but had the heavy train derailed due to the emergency brake application—which isn't uncommon—it could have taken down the bridge, possibly killing the engineer as well," Hoback told WLS. "The human, environmental and financial toll would have been enormous."

[Video via Fox59]