After a summer full of flight delays and disturbances due to pugnacious passengers, it's almost a relief that today's big air travel story involves a box of live crabs instead.

Yes, a LaGuardia-to-Charlotte U.S. Airways flight scheduled to depart at 7 p.m. last night was delayed for about 30 minutes after some crabs—"small, not Alaskan King crabs," an airline spokesman told the Charlotte Observerbecame loose in the cargo hold. How many, spokesman? "A decent number of them."

Charlotte magazine collected tweets from disgruntled passengers:

The flight got off the ground at 7:25, after the crustaceans had been dealt with. According to the Observer, the question of "who shipped the crabs and whether they were rounded up again after having been swept out," remains unanswered.

[Image via duangnapa_b/Shutterstock]