Unemployment Kills Less Educated Women

It's been well established that it sucks to be unemployed. And that it sucks to be undereducated. And that (in terms of socioeconomic equality) it sucks to be a woman (IN THE PATRIARCHY). And that it sucks to be white (no explanation necessary). Now, we know that the combination of all these things will, in fact, kill you.

A new study sought to explain why it is that white women who did not graduate from high school have a much higher mortality rate than white women with more education. They found only two factors that really mattered. From the NYT:

As it turned out, smoking was important, as had long been established, but researchers were surprised that joblessness had a dramatic effect, even after controlling for factors that employment would have generated, like income and health insurance.

The good news, I guess, is: drink all the booze and eat all the Cheetos you want! Just be sure you finish high school, don't smoke, and hold onto your job. Alternately, be a man. Makes life a lot easier.


[NYT. Photo: Shutterstock]