Single Americans: Cheap Prudes

Are you single? Searching for love? Do not look in America, whatever you do, unless you like watching Netflix while eating fast food and not getting laid.

That is a scientifically accurate projection of a typical date by an American "single," based upon some of the findings of a new survey of singles by From USA Today:

Singles spend an average of about $60 a month, or $720 a year per person, on dating-related activities to find a special someone...

20% of singles say having sex on a first date is either "somewhat appropriate" or "very appropriate" but 80% disagreed. Of that 80%, 54% said sex on a first date is "not at all appropriate."

So, if you're going on one date per week, you can look forward to enjoying a Chipotle burrito (no chips) and then ending the night with, in all likelihood, a disapproving glare.


The survey also finds that "Singles with Android phones achieve orgasm over 90% of the time." Whether or not you have an Android phone—as I do—that is certainly food for thought.

Gurl U no U want 2 play that Candy Crush n eat sex burritos.


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