DNA tests confirm that a former law professor who went to jail for kidnapping a student and using electroshock therapy on her, secretly fathered at least one child by switching in his own sperm at a fertility clinic he worked at

Thomas R. Lippert, who served time for the weird kidnapping of a Purdue student in 1975, worked at the Reproductive Medical Technologies, Inc. clinic (now closed) in Salt Lake City from 1988 to 1993. He died in 1999.

When one family who visited the clinic in 1992 decided to DNA test their whole family, they discovered their daughter was not related to the man she thought was her father. Through a genealogy website, the girl's mother tracked down a relative of Lippert's who told her that Lippert had worked at the RMTI clinic.

When Lippert's mother provided her DNA, it matched up with the girl's.

The family has warned that Lippert, who seemed "proud" of a wall of children's photos by his desk may have tainted other samples.

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