The mayor of a mile-high town in Utah will keep his job for another two years after "forgetting" to inform residents that it was time to hold municipal elections.

Wallsburg's four city council members will also be reappointed by default after the screw-up that is being blamed on a city employee in charge of election oversight.

"Wallsburg [pop. 275] never advertised or prepared for an election this year, so no one signed up," Wasatch County Clerk Brent Titcomb told the Salt Lake Tribune. "They’re going to have to appoint the current mayor and council for two more years and they’ll advertise and have people elected [in 2015]."

Mayor Jay Hortin and his council benefited from the small town's forgetfulness two years ago as well, when the municipal elections also passed by unannounced.

Hortin's dad insists his son isn't doing it on purpose, and that even if the elections were held, he would probably have run unopposed.

Titcomb, meanwhile, promises to shoot Wallsburg an e-mail come 2015.

"We will remember them in 2015," he told the Associated Press. "They will definitely have an election in 2015."

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