Consternation was the order of the day at New Jersey's Mercer Community College last month, when faculty and staff were confronted with something quite unexpected in an assembly: vagina.

Not just vagina, but a vagina monologue. Inside Higher Ed reports that a mandatory year-end assembly for the school's 300 faculty and staff members took an abrupt turn for the vaginal:

One of the moments the assembly highlighted was Mercer's early March production of The Vagina Monologues. That earlier performance — which raised money for Womanspace, a domestic violence nonprofit in the Mercer County area — drew no blowback, Gardner said. Not so for the performance's recreation. Of course, people who attended the full production likely knew they would hear explicit discussion of the play's eponymous organ — something that people attending an end-of-year ceremony might not expect.

Several employees have filed complaints after being subjected to this labial onslaught. But should they be so sensitive? Shouldn't those employed in a place of learning—or, indeed, those employed in a place not associated with learning, or unemployed—be open-minded about the possibility of the sudden and unexpected approach of a vagina, in monologue form?

Vagina, vagina, vagina.

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