Your dad in the 90s. Your dad in his den with a bag of chocolate-covered pretzels. Your dad when he met your mom at Club Ipanema in 1971. Like a choose-your-own-adventure edition of staying #ontrend, fashion is now easier than ever. Just take a page from pa's lookbook—casual, unfussy, and now replete with swaths of porny chest hair.

French visual artist Ingrid Berthon-Moine has been photographing mens chest hair for a new series called V, cheekily pointing out that the images also resemble the female pubic area, la vagine. Berthon-Moine may not be in the business of predicting new trends, but the New York Times certainly is. Fashion outlet T Magazine poses, "Is chest hair making a return?"

As the world squabbles over the truth, another question arises: Can you even grow chest hair, bro? Do you have the audacity to ask dad for some loaner change to pay for a chest hair transplant? Better man up and start working overnight shifts at the steel mill if you wanna keep your look tight.

Is the return to "manliness" imminent? Will every Prospect Heights lit-mag editor with a corgi and a Herschel backpack also know how to fix up hot rods and fall asleep before the end of Dexter? Remember, it's been nearly thirteen years since the Times reported a resurgence in manly men. With normcore positively dominating the streets of our otherwise safe cities, can we turn anywhere without finding dads?

Probably not.

[Images via T Magazine]