It's been a crazy couple of weeks, bear-wise.

First there was that bear who walked into a bar without anyone noticing; then there was that wild bear party deep in Alberta's sprawling park system.

Now a dumpster-diving bear has been caught on camera dashing off with a restaurant's garbage bin so she can dine in peace.

The manager of Edelweiss Restaurant in Colorado Springs says the same bear has visited the restaurant twice in one week to sample to "fresh, really good food" that gets dumped on a nightly basis.

On the menu: Rouladen, a top round steak stuffed with bacon that the restaurant calls its signature dish.

"She passes up the recycling bin and goes right for the good stuff," Dieter Schnakenberg told the Denver Post.

Passing by on Wednesday, the bear decided to take its food to go, and rolled Edelweiss's garbage bin some 50 feet into the parking lot to get a better look at the comestibles inside.

"We're going to have to do something," says Schnakenberg.

Among the solutions being considered: Chaining the bin to the fence and using a locking lid.

Something tells me that, with bacon-stuffed steak on the line, neither of those things will provide much of a deterrent.

[animated gif via Reddit]