Yesterday morning, a police officer in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho shot and killed Craig Jones' dog. The cop approached Jones' parked van with his gun drawn, and when he got close, he says, a pit bull lunged at his face, and he pulled the trigger.

But Arfie was not a pit bull, and according to Jones, he "doesn't even have a mean bone in his body." He was the two-year-old black lab in the photo above. "This still isn't even real to me," the owner told local TV station KREM.

The owner of a coffee shop where Jones' van was parked called police because his white panel van matched the description of a car belonging to a child luring suspect. The officer drew his gun "because of the serious nature of the suspect he was potentially approaching," KREM reports.

"If my dog is barking and wondering who's peering through the windows he doesn't care if you're a cop, an attorney, or President Bush," Jones said. "He doesn't know any difference"

[h/t Reddit, image via KREM]