A New Jersey teenager recently lived out every one of your anxieties about zip lining when he tried to use a t-shirt as a pulley and ended up with a broken leg.

According to ABC 7, a group of kids were playing soccer at a high school in New Jersey when a daredevil 15-year-old noticed the school had a zip line. Lacking equipment, he apparently decided to try his luck by looping a t-shirt around the cable.

Needless to say, the cotton-and-metal experiment did not end well.

"It got stuck... he was not able to slide down the line. He couldn't go any further," Glen Rock Police Capt. Jonathan Miller told NJ.com.

The teen's friends, who also filmed the debacle, reportedly told him they would catch him if he let go.

They didn't.

The teen is now recovering from a broken femur and injured foot and is expected to be released from the hospital this week.

Glen Rock High School's superintendent says there's no reason to get rid of the school's zip line, pointing out to CBS that the teenager was "from Hawthorne, and he shouldn't have been on the zip line."

[h/t Gothamist]