Vox.com, a website with the editorial mission statement "Hey, it could happen. McWorld!" is exploring a bold new hypothetical: What if everything about the earth was different?

How is one supposed to react after receiving such information? Should we...put on hazmat suits? Should we get stoned and meditate on it? Should we punch Vox.com in the face?

And frankly, aren't there more pressing issues in the face of the spontaneous reunion of Pangaea? Vox claims to explain the world—but ignores at its peril key issues in the Pangaea debate.

If Pangaea were reunited, and Ibiza disappeared, where would Orlando Bloom have thrown a punch at Justin Bieber?

If Pangaea were reunited, who would be president? Would a dinosaur be president?

If Pangaea were reunited, would the Israel-Palestine conflict be over?

If Pangaea were reunited, where would Solange live?

If Pangaea were reunited, would it be worth the drive to buy "big ticket" items such as flat screen TV's, etc., in Algeria?

If Pangaea were reunited, what would it mean for the app economy?

Would everything be different? Or only...some things?

Think about it, dudes.