The deranged jerks at Sticky's Finger Joint are now being sued by a former employee, who alleges that her boss tricked her into consuming mushrooms, while asking her to try out a new recipe.

A co-owner at Sticky's Finger Joint, Paul Abrahamian, allegedly asked Sofie Rasmussen to partake in a blind taste test in front of the restaurant's staff. Sticky's Finger Joint specializes in fried poultry, so Rasmussen assumed she would be testing out some chicken.

Abrahamian, a man with opinions on how chicken fingers relate to fetishes and America and Marxism, instructed Rasmussen to shut her eyes and then put a handful of hallucinogenic fungi into her mouth.

She reports to the New York Post:

"It didn't taste great. I was so confused. I was like, what the fuck is this? Then I realized what it was. I felt weird … I was tripping, and I had one or two hours left on my shift."

After three months working at the restaurant, Rasmussen quit. Sticky's Finger Joint denies her allegations.

[image via JuliaSV/Shutterstock]