Waka Flocka Flame seems like a pretty relaxed guy. Running for president, hiring a professional blunt roller, endorsing cough drops: these are all the actions of the chillest middling rapper, and if you are about to harsh that mellow, you’ve got another thing coming. Togetherness is the only acceptable feeling at a Waka show.

At a Scottsdale, Arizona show on Monday, Waka Flocka Flame saw two fans brawling in the crowd as he performed and promptly decided to break it up, and went into the crowd to do so. Waka Flocka forced the brawlers to hug, adding the hashtag #hugItOut to the video below.

I don’t allow any fights going down amongst my fans at my shows!! #hugItOut !!!! Life is too short!!! @turnupgodz tour with @justwhookid #Waka4Prez #vicePrezWhoo @iamfatjesus

This is a good stance. Waka 4 Prez.

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