In February, rap magazine The Source reported that 46-year-old Bronx rapper Tim Dog had died from "a seizure following a long bout with diabetes." But now a warrant for his arrest has been issued, following increasing evidence that Tim "Tim Dog" Blair faked his own death to escape thousands of dollars in debt.

Before maybe faking his own death, Balir was best known for his 1991 song "Fuck Compton," dissing the West Coast hip-hop scene. But since then he's been undertaking a series of cons, where he meets women on dating sites and swindles them out of money. So many that, according to VICE's Drew Millard, there is an "international network/support system of women who have had their lives ruined because they met Tim Dog on the internet."

According to VICE, Blair scammed one Dutch woman into investing in a fake European tour of black male strippers called the Chocolate Fantasy Tour. He convinced a Mississippi woman to invest $32,000 in a box CD set, which never came out. In 2011 was ordered by a judge to pay her $20,000, and that, says the woman, is why he faked his own death in February. A death certificate has yet to be produced, even though Tim Dog's family apparently held a funeral for Blair. The Mississippi prosecutor handling the case told the AP he wasn't able to find any proof of Blair's death, thus prompting the warrant.

You can tell it's summer, because we're getting into fake death season. First Andy Kaufman was spotted in New Mexico, now Tim Dog.