When we last left the 40-year-old British man with a severed penis, he was in a hospital-induced coma while police searched the roadside for his missing organ. This morning, the plot thickened significantly.

The U.K. tabloid media reports the man may have been the victim of a revenge attack by a "gypsy gang," after he slept with another man's girlfriend.

The source of the rumor appears to be a local supermarket employee, who told reporters, "A few of the Asda staff have been talking and apparently it was some gypsy men doing it to another guy after they found out he had slept with one of their girlfriends. I don't know his name but that seems to be what I have heard."

The U.K.'s number one source for severed penis news, the Daily Mail, claims police searched a car at a nearby "gypsy site."

The Daily Mail also reports the victim is Kelvin 'Kelly' Hewitt, who "often stays at gypsy campsites in Middlesbrough, including Haven Travellers Site, according to his Facebook page."

Other than that circumstantial evidence and something a supermarket employee "seems to have heard," though, there's no confirmation Travellers were involved in the attack. Police haven't yet named any suspects, and Anti-Romany and Anti-Traveller racism are a pretty big deal in the U.K., so it's probably best to take these tabloid accounts with plenty of salt.

Police are reportedly waiting at Hewitt's bedside for him to wake up and explain how he was injured.

[Photo Credit: Kelly Hewitt/Facebook]