It's understood that dogs aren't the most intelligent of creatures, but damn they're cute, so when one little pup named Oreo was stranded forty feet down a 90-foot cliff in Santa Rosa, California, a brave worker came to its rescue.

After trying and failing to coax the dog up the cliff itself, the local fire crew was called in.

Pilot Paul Bradley flew the chopper low over the cliff a couple times to make sure Oreo wouldn't be spooked by the sight. She was fine. So Bradley landed nearby, and Deputy Henri Boustany strapped himself onto the end of a 100-foot long line.

This isn't the first dog rescue for the Henry-1 helicopter crew. According to the New York Times, "'The 'Henry-1' crew launched knowing from prior experiences that bystanders will often put themselves in peril in an attempt to save animals in distress and become victim's themselves.'"