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Last night's episode of Our America with Lisa Ling explored the damage the just-shuttered gay "reparative therapy" organization Exodus International caused during its decades in business. It was cathartic to watch the grief-stricken face of Exodus president Alan Chambers (an ex-gay himself — his wife sat next to him the entire time) as people shared their stories of how close his organization came to ruining their lives. He deserves all the chiding he gets and then some, and he seems to realize it. Though the apology he read to these recovering ex-gays was basically an early draft of the one he shared with the world earlier this week (at the time of filming, he intended to keep Exodus running with a different agenda) he also welcomed their criticism.

"I'm thankful for your stories. I mean, they do impact me. But now everybody else gets to hear 'em, too. And I'm glad this is gonna be on TV," he told them.

Right attitude, terrible organization, good riddance.