Is getting a college degree "worth it?" Yes, economically speaking, statistics show that getting a college degree is "worth it." But is it "worth it" by other, less materialist measures?

The latest data says that college graduates make twice as much per hour as non-graduates, and take in $500,000 more over the course of their lifetime. Fine. But, as you learned in college philosophy class, money isn't everything. Is college "worth it" in other ways?

Ways in Which College Is "Worth It"

- Lifetime earnings

- Ability to bullshit people in conversation at upper-crust parties

-Alcohol tolerance

-Accumulation of college-branded apparel

Ways in Which College Is Not "Worth It"

- Ratio of amount of personal pretentiousness to amount of justified personal pretentiousness

- Likelihood of being forced to admit you went to Duke

- Thought Catalogness

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