Brooklyn (and Gawker) was blessed with a visit from the Weed Fairy last year and she has since taken her virtuous work to Seattle. She's also ready for the world to know who she is: 23-year-old Yeni Sleidi.

Sleidi was spotted in Washington state over Memorial Day weekend passing out her signature fliers with tiny nuggets of weed taped to them. She's just trying to help people chill out, she tells the Associated Press:

The woman said she first came up with the idea in New York, where she lived during the government shutdown, because several of her friends were affected by it. She wanted to distract them from the stress. Her passing out the pot in the Big Apple drew plenty of coverage from the media.

The police have yet to weigh in on her Seattle trip, but she's really not worried about it. (Washington did legalize recreational marijuana in 2012.) "I felt so relaxed about it ... I wouldn't feel comfortable doing it elsewhere in the country," she said.

So why did she decide to don her Weed Fairy wings? "I'm not sure what the thought process was but I thought people would be amused by it," she said.

Good enough.

Update: Turns out the Miami News Times first reported on Sleidi's identity in October of last year.

[Image via AP]