In the grand scheme of porn tube sites, a video called "Slut Teen Gets Knocked Up by Accidental Creampie," isn't particularly shocking or unusual. But the heartbreaking twist ending to this otherwise pedestrian clip puts even M. Night Shyamalan's earlier work to shame.

It starts out as a typical dude-meets-teen-girl-somewhere-with-a-couch video, goes through the standard porno motions—blowjob, sex in a few different positions—until the older man finishes his job. Nothing groundbreaking here.

Fade to black.


And then, this message:

It's likely the most tragic ending to any 5-minute creampie clip in history, and it's been watched more than 288,000 times on PornHub.


According to The Kernel, videos in the "Schoolgirl Internal" series often end with "the girl getting pregnant and sticking the father with child support," and killing off the teen at the end was just a gruesome twist on that formula.

Soylent Green is people. Bruce Willis was dead all along. Mario never knew he had a child.

[H/T: The Kernel]