New Year's resolutions are pretty much wish lists for lazy people. This might be why I love making them. The promise of a new beginning that will completely right all the wrongs of the previous year? Yes, please! Pass the pen and paper. Who's to say this isn't the year where I'll finally lose that weight, run that marathon, and get those finances under control?

Join me, lazy people. Want to start eating more vegetables? Add it to the list! Afraid that Coke Zero is rotting your brain and want to cut back? Add it to the list! Think you should stop gossiping so much at work? Good luck with that but add it to the list anyway! It's a new year and it's time to fuck shit up! Don't let anything stop you.

So please, share with us your resolutions for 2014. We'll support each other for the next few days until we give up on all of them.

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