Yesterday's Daily News item about the firing of Jay Z and Beyoncé's bodyguard, Norman Oosterbroek, claimed that the 6'5", 280-pound "Dutch giant" was fired after being found "using the family's passports in a lewd act." But it's even worse than you might imagine.

According to the blog Crazy Days and Nights, which published the story as a blind item earlier this year, Oosterbroek was caught jerking off over a passport—not Beyoncé's, but Blue Ivy's:

The thing is, the parent company of the magazine was offered some information about the celebrity. Disturbing information. About a long time employee. About the employee being caught pleasuring himself to photos of our celebrity and her infant daughter. Yeah, it is pretty sick. There is video of the incident that was taken by a woman he paid to have sex with. They are both drunk in the video but he talks about how he works for the celebrity and was her very first employee and has been with her forever and the hooker went to sell the story and the publishing company loved it.

Oosterbroek died earlier this month after being Tasered by police.

[image via AP]