Ben Affleck, an actor who's won an Academy Award for pretty much everything but acting, is joining the Live Below The Line challenge, which aims to raise awareness about global poverty. As a part of the challenge, Affleck and other participants will only be allowed to spend $1.50 a day on food and drink from April 29 to May 3. That is not a lot of money!

Ever dedicated to public service, Gawker thought of some ways that Affleck can get by on the $1.50 a day that is considered the benchmark of extreme poverty worldwide.

Sam's Club Samples

Perhaps Ben doesn't know, because he is a very famous movie star with millions of dollars and probably a personal assistant or whatever, but buying bulk isn't just something Ann Romney pretends to do to seem grounded. It can be very cost-effective!

But truly the greatest thing about shopping at Sam's Club is the samples. On a good day, in nearly every aisle, someone is cooking up something delicious and it's all completely free. Spend a few hours wandering around, picking up samples and enjoy real America.

Netflix Family Plan

The video streaming service announced this week that it will introduce a "family plan" which will allow users to stream up to four videos at once. The company is also reportedly cracking down on the 10 million people currently using Netflix by just borrowing someone else's password.

This is great news for Ben! If Jennifer Garner foots the bill, Ben can enjoy all the movies he likes completely free of charge and saving anywhere you can is definitely a smart idea when you only have $1.50 to spend per day.

May we suggest Ben watch his own movie Armageddon, which Michael Bay is absolutely not sorry for, no way, no how.

Film a Movie

There may be limits to how much Ben can spend, but there are no limits to how much Ben can earn. (There are no limits to how much any of us can earn. This is America, if you can dream it, you can do it.)

Take a movie role real quick! Ben is a two-time Oscar winner, surely someone will let him be in their movie; Katherine Heigl is still getting roles after all. It's easy: just show up on set, memorize a couple lines and then, boom, make a beeline for the craft services table. A feast awaits, and better yet, it's completely free.

Participants in the Below The Line challenge are asked to tweet their experience as they go, so be sure to check here for updates on Ben Affleck's hungry tummy.

[image via AP]