Hello little creature, and welcome to the world! This tiny softness, a baby doe, was born at the Queens Zoo (on May 3rd, though the Wildlife Conservation Society just released the announcement). See her in her woodland habitat. She sidles up next to a little branch and then peers out behind some shrubs. Nettles look enormous when this itsy quadruped approaches.

Do you know how much this little cervine delight weighed? Just the teeniest tiniest amount: one measly pound. And when she's weaned, what will this little doe-eyed doe will dine upon? All of the healthiest food, fit for a deer-like Peter Rabbit—kale, carrots, hay.

She belongs to an endangered species called the southern pudu. This species is the world's smallest species of deer. They're fast and adept at climbing, and apparently very smart. They are known for their strategy of running from predators in a zig-zag fashion and they bark when they sense danger—even their evasion from predators is the sweetest.

The Wildlife Conservation Society doesn't have a named picked out for her, so suggestions are welcome. And someone please write a children's book/real life biography of her as soon as possible.

[Gothamist, images via Julie Larsen Maher/Wildlife Conservation Society]