Bacon lovers in Frederick, Md. are up in arms after their Beer Bacon Music festival failed to supply them with a sufficient amount of cured pig product. This shall not stand!

The two-day bacon and booze fest cost $125, and according to the Frederick News-Post, sounded like quite the way to spend a weekend feeling bloated:

Ticket buyers for the two-day Frederick festival were promised an all-you-can-eat bar with 2 tons of bacon, 10 bands, more than 100 varieties of beer and vendors from at least 30 breweries.

Event promoters couldn't fry bacon strips up fast enough to feed the ostensibly insatiable hunger bacon lovers have. It was, to put things into perspective, a goddamn travesty.

"Not one piece of bacon got in my mouth," Irene Hafner told the News-Post. She waited an hour to get into the festival and another 45 minutes waiting in line at the bacon bar. She's trying to get a refund for the tickets she bought for her and her husband. "I got a T-shirt, a turkey sandwich and probably a total of one beer for $125," she said.

Damn. That's it?

But it's good to know that those bilked of their bacon have rightly taken up the time of their representatives:

According to David Paulson, spokesman for Maryland's attorney general, three consumer complaints against the Beer Bacon Music festival had been filed as of Monday afternoon.

Keeping fighting the good fight, disgruntled bacon lovers of Frederick.

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